LACC 2017

LACC 2017: “Writing in the 21st Century and Beyond: Cross-Disciplinary
Approaches to College Writing”

LACC 2017 Hotel Info

We secured two locations, because the first has limited rooms, but is very close to SLCC. 

Registration and Submission of Proposals for LACC 2017

Welcome and thanks for your interest in LACC 2017 in Lafayette, September 29-30.

Please use this form to register for LACC 2017 and—in addition, and if you wish—propose workshops or a presentation (please see "LACC 2017" for more information). We have limited slots open for either so if you are planning to attend and present, please let us know by use of the form! The registration fee to attend or present is $40 and $20 for graduate students or part-time adjuncts. Paypal is closed as of 9/28. On-site payment available.

Resources and Links from LACC 2015

T. R. Johnson's keynote address featured an example of a class writing project that culminated in a video. The project served as an example of a successful project, due in part to the built-in motivation of creating a video for the web with the potential of "going viral." Here is the link for the video:

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